Urban Legends Of America [Lake Lanier, La Mala Hora, The Bus To No Where, And More]

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In this week's episode we dive into a subject we have been wanting to cover for a while now and that's a specific narrowed down topic of Urban Legends of America. In this episode we dive into the true meaning of what an urban legend is, our theories behind it and so much more. 

The list of urban legends we wanted to cover is vast and goes on and on so we had to take extra steps to narrow this one down. For this episode which will be one of many parts we talk about a man made lake in Georgia with an eerie legends, warnings of it being cursed, and it's dark history. We also dive into eerie clown legends, a New Mexican cross roads legend that is said to host an entity darker than the devil himself, and interesting legends shared by people of their home town. 

This is definitely one of our most interesting episodes and definitely one you don't want to miss!

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