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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how Mexican archaeologists have discovered a 2,400-year-old burial site in which 10 skeletons were meticulously placed in a circular formation and with their body parts interlocked. The researchers have never seen anything like it, with signs pointing to a previously unknown ritualistic practice. The skeletons were arranged in a spiral formation around a concentric point—as if to suggest the bodies were moving around a central figure like a wheel. Each body was placed on its side, and with arm bones interlocked. It’s not immediately clear if the people died from natural causes, some kind of group-wide calamity, or if they were deliberately killed. Though the exact purpose or reason for the grave is unknown, the researchers suspect it was part of an elaborate ritual.

Then, Raautavaara resident Iisakki Mieto claims he was chopping firewood next to his house when he came upon the two beings on Dec. 21, 2017. The two huge beings appeared to be two large Neanderthal’s haunched over and walking around on his property. Neanderthals were a species of humans believed to have gone extinct about 40,000 years ago. Some people, such as a state trooper from Washington who claimed to feed ape-like animals many refer to as Bigfoot, believe the cryptid could be some sort of “primitive human species”.

After the break, Kyle brings up some strange and unusual encounters with the paranormal experienced by those in law enforcement! These stories are intriguing, and seem to have a little more credibility than the average onlooker, because the police are trained observers. These accounts shed light onto what happens when the men and women of the law come face to face with mysterious forces they have not been trained to deal with, and illustrate that they are only human, and just as susceptible to being unsettled by such phenomena as anyone else.

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