Universal Light Worker | The Grave Talks Preview

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Kayla Ray is known as a Universal Lightworker, bringing the energies and power from many worlds to heal, guide, and help those she meets. Since a young age, she has refined her powerful gifts to bring healing, cleansing, insight, and psychic mediumship for the purpose of helping and leading those in search of their spiritual and life paths. Today we learn about her abilities and her experiences on The Grave Talks.

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How often can the ailments that people suffer from be tied to a spiritual problem? 

What does it mean to be a universal light worker? 

What have been some of the darker spirits that Kayla was able to help rid a soul of? 

Can a person be born with a dark or evil soul?

If a person has a negative entity attached to them, does it always take a healer to help move it away or can it be done individually?

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