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Guten Tag, weirdos.  Are you ready to burn your bra and kill some Nazis?

This week we are revisiting our hit series from 2020 – the SNACK PACK IS BACK as we learn about some AMAZING WOMEN from history that our history books just forgot to mention.

Ashley and Lauren are joined by Keep It Beard host AMY HANSELMANN as we discover some ladies who changed the world.  This week we’re focusing on some badass bitches from WWII- Truus and Freddie Oversteegen who, for lack of a better term, seduced Nazis and traitors to their death in the Netherlands.  They joined forces with the famous “girl with the red hair” Hannie Schaft- a skilled assassin who was brutally tortured and put to death after spending years on Hitlers “most wanted” list.

And Amy brings us the story of Irena Sendler– who saved TWICE AS MANY jews from death than Oskar Schindler, and yet, has no mainstream movie.  Irena did whatever she had to do to protect Jewish people, and especially Jewish children, from the Nazi forces- saving over 2,500.

We hope this series educates you and INSPIRES you to be a troublemaker and do what is right, even in the face of certain death.  Raise badass women who all grow up to know Hannie Schaft’s last words to her executioner: “I shoot better.”