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What do you do when unexplained knocking keeps you awake, night after night. Is there ever a way to stop a noise you can’t explain? 

Here is a preview of the story.
“In my room and I woke up around 2 in the morning and heard someone beating on the door, so I get up and walk down the stair. And look towards the front door thinking it my brother that lived down the street or someone I knew. But as I looked at the door, I did not recognize the person. And I could see him beating on the door so hard it was flexing at the top, so I went back upstairs and told my mom and dad, and they said they didn’t hear anything to go back to sleep, so I went back to my room locked my door and tried to go back to sleep. I would look out my bedroom window and would see the reflection of him in the neighbor’s window as he was on our front porch finally I just fell asleep once I woke up in the morning I ask my mom and dad if they heard anything. Last night they said no.”

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