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Unexplained Deaths Blamed on an ‘Unknown Animal’ Worldwide

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Mystery Animal Attacks a Child and Kills a number of dogs in New Jersey

Parents of a small toddler were horrified when their young child was attacked and dragged off by a mystery animal whilst visiting New Jersey. The child was reportedly running around with his cousins and uncle in a yard when a mystery animal attempted to grab hold of him and it began to drag him off. The frightened infant was able to break free from the attacking animal, authorities said. The young boy was treated for scratches and bite marks at the hospital and released.

He and his family have since returned to Florida. Until the attack on the infant, authorities in Middletown say they were confounded by a number of random attacks on local dogs. Police say also four puppies were dragged off from McGuires Grove Apartments and later found dead.

Bones found on public footpath near the River Severn

A Trainer with a sock with the remains of bones inside it have been found on a public footpath adjacent to the River Severn at Odda’s Chapel. The police can only identify the gender of the remains and have nothing to explain this mysterious find. The Trainer was a Blue Van vision skate shoe. This model of trainer was first manufactured in the US and also sold in the UK in 2006. Police do not know the age of the male or any description.

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