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It is fair to say that most conspiracy theories or credible UFO sightings stem from previous decades, across every continent and from what we have heard or read in books. On this channel we aim to cover them all, as well as the current, ongoing mysteries that cannot be explained – or are in the process of being uncovered as we speak. At this moment we are 10 months into a war which dramatically erupted on 24th February – the War in Ukraine. 

And yet; with everything we have come to witness on our television screens, live streams and written testimonies by those reporting or involved in the conflict, it would appear that a new story is beginning to emerge. Why has there been so many sightings of unidentified flying objects over the skies of Ukraine? Are these just militarised aircraft that we have yet to understand or conduct tests upon? Or; is there perhaps a separate war raging in the skies above the former Soviet Union? Join us as we conduct our own reports and analysis on what is REALLY going on in Ukraine- here on this episode of Destination Declassified.

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