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Why was it that one home had so many owners? Year after year, families would come and then flee a seemingly un-threatening home? Was there something else going on with the property than met the eye? 

Here is a preview of the story.
“It was built in 1915 with no historical background. The only thing I know about the previous owners is from 2010 and onward. Every two years, a family was evicted, which caused the foreclosure. I’m 2019. A man bought the home and flipped it (the house was in rough shape) home looked good as new when he listed it, and my family bought it.

It wasn’t until a month or two ago when things started to happen…

I would be playing with my kids (all toddlers), and I would hear talking on the stairs… and there sat would be one of their baby dolls… sitting upright and talking. Now my first thought was, “ok… one of the kids put the doll here and pressed the button.” well. after about a minute of the doll talking and talking and my middle child (2 years old) would laugh and point and say, “Oh, you’re so silly” the doll kept talking until I yelled out loud “please stop scaring me!” And IMMEDIATELY, the doll stopped talking and wouldn’t turn back on.”

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