Time Travel & Aliens!! Time Traveler Aage Nost is in the Studio… this is my alien life..

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Hey everybody, welcome to my alien life.  Thank you for listening all around the world and especially in the United Kingdom!

My guest tonight  is time traveler, Aage Nost.  For many years he was the Host and Producer of a live TV talk show called “The Hidden Truths.”  It featured the paranormal, UFOs, government cover-ups, and other issues…In July, 2003 he was interviewed by BBC Television in England, for a TV Documentary titled: “Time Trip,” discussing the possibilities and the practical applications of Time Travel.

Tonight we talk about time travel AND aliens!  Join us for this amazing journey.

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The music you are hearing is produced and created by ELEON who is a very talented musician and producer.   

ELEON is changing the face of New Age with what can only be describes as “Epic Chill” on Heart Dance Record’s first Electronic release.

​This deep and lush electronic work is unabashedly Chill while steeped in the aesthetic of current EDM. There is no shortage of space and sparkle as a vivid curtain of ambient pads and guitar-like washes veil ELEON’s carefully crafted beats and progressions. Co-produced by recording artist David Helpling, each track on Dreams Beyond Terra is bursting with color and drama. Beneath all of the production there is a warm heart of calm, beauty and optimism that seems to somehow fuse the entire record together. From the first shimmering blast of “Species Communicating” it is clear that this is not your typical Chill/Groove release. Aggressive yet laid-back beats extended the low end in a special way while over modulated synthesizers repeat a syncopated hypnotic riff that you’ll be humming for days. 

You can find all ELEON’s work online at HEART DANCE records, Facebook…you can also find him by following the links posted in the notes at the end of this podcast.  Thank you ELEON so much for your generosity. We absolutely love your work..

Thank you again to my guest tonight, Aage NOST…

I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life……