Time Sensitive Info- Upcoming (Virtual) Appearances

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Episode Notes

I’ve got some upcoming online presentations (which would have been in person if that was currently an option). While streaming events might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they provide a great deal more access to those who can’t make it to on-ground, in person events for any number of reasons. So in lieu of putting “commercials” in the next few episodes (most of which are already finished…), I thought I’d provide a little more detailed rundown of what I’ll be discussing at these events:

Saucer Life talk at Tecumseh District Library via Facebook Live -August 20, 7:00 PM Eastern

The Strange Realities Conference- September 25-27

So please forgive this little bit of promotion. And also, please consider attending either or both of these events. The folks at Conspirinormal, who are putting on Strange Realities, have lined up a vast and varied array of guest and you know that I urge you to support libraries whenever possible, so if you’re able to catch the Tecumseh presentation, that would be great.

Thanks again for allowing this little intrusion into your podcast feed!

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