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(Explicit) A podcast that explores the strange stories of small towns across the globe. They may be paranormal, true crime, or just plain weird. Every town has a secret what is yours?

Thunder Bay Ontario, CA

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Thunder Bay sits on the coast of Lake Superior just north the Michigan border. It boasts a population of around 108,000. It is actually an amalgamation of former cities Port Arthur and Fort William. On January 1st, 1970 the city of Thunder Bay was officially born. Just off the coast on the US side of the border lies Isle Royale. It’s now a state park full of hiking trails and campgrounds. Surrounding this island are a number of shipwrecks. One of them was called the SS Algoma.

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The SS Algoma isn’t the only shipwreck around Thunder Bay, in fact, there are plenty. However, not all of them have a dead body that is also haunted by a ghost. Ony the SS Kamloops can claim that story.

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