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Yo, Conspiracy Bot here. It seems you meatsacks love dumb entertainment since you keep begging for the 3rd installment of the idiots going on some dumb adventure that I have to save them from. Well, you are in luck, or maybe just suckers, but which ever it is part 3 is coming out soon. So I figured might as well get you up to speed with revisiting the first 2 pieces of trash. Without further a due, here is part 1, Storm Hysteria 51: The Movie: The Podcast.

Original Description
This week we…
Well, this week…
You see, a funny thing happened on the way…
It’s like…hmm…it’s like a Hysteria 51 adventure…
Ah, forget it. You better just listen for yourself.

Written by
Michael Paul Gonzalez ( / @monkeywright)
In association with Radio Lost Angeles and ForthHand Productions

Produced by

Michael Paul Gonzalez and Brent Hand

Brent Hand – Himself
John Goforth – Himself
Lisa Hand – Herself
Conspiracy Bot – Unfortunately, Himself
Kyle – Annoyingly Himself
Aleksandra Bieńkowska – Decker
Tim Longhurst – British Announcer Guy
Michael Paul Gonzalez – Himself

Music and Ambient Sounds:
Royalty Free Zone – No Copyright Music (Youtube –

Tabletop Audio –
Opening Music – Playing in Tongues – Deserts3
Sci-fi Laboratory Ambience by Iwan Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License with sounds by wolick, swiftoid, Diboz
Desert walk music: Kevin MacLeod ( – Star Watching Music & Crickets Sound
Monster Sound Effects by Brand Name Audio –
Vault door sound effect: Radio Free Endor Podcast 
Additional sound effects sourced from the Creative Commons Royalty Free Library

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