Three Pros of Dating a Pagan

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Have you ever wondered if dating a pagan had any benefits?

Dating spiritual people whether they be witches or pagans is a magical experience.


In this video, psychic-medium and card deck creator of The Magick and Mediums OracleThe Slavic Oracle and The Golden Light Oracle, Anielle Reid shares details of her experiences with a Norse pagan (Heathen) and three pros of dating a pagan man. 

1. You can do sex magic

Intimacy with a spiritual person is more dynamic than having sexual relations with someone who is not. Not only can you feel a soul connection and a deeper emotional bond between you and that person but you two can make sex truly magical by engaging in sex magic. 

Both of you can utilize your sexual energy to manifest your goals so sex is not just a fun pastime, or the making of love, but the making of making your dreams “cum” true.


2. You can have telepathic communication and a psychic bond with them

Most pagans are psychic and empaths meaning that they can know what you are thinking and feeling without you having to tell them. When you are feeling sad, they know. Having a pagan partner means that you don’t need to waste time telling them how you feel because they can feel those feelings with you. 


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3. They understand you and won’t judge you

Real spiritual people, especially pagans are the most non-judgmental people you will find. If you have had any “crazy” thoughts, nightmares or dreams your pagan partner won’t make fun of you or think that you are crazy. If you get excited when you see 1111 or a full moon, they will know why and will most likely be just as excited as you.

You can feel comfortable telling your pagan partner about your paranormal stories and nightmares. You can share details of your unique self-care rituals that others would find to be odd as well. 

Your pagan partner will understand why you have certain superstitions and won’t belittle you for your witchiness and “woo”


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