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To try and decipher the truth from the fictitious can be a laborious task; one that many people soon become frustrated with. It is often said that the most candid and believable stories are told by those who wish to remain humble or out of the spotlight; whether it be war veterans, emergency service personnel or even a witness to a UFO…

If this statement is true by its own admission, then it is worth investigating the strange case which occurred in the summer of 1979, involving a small town Deputy Sheriff named Val Johnson. What exactly happened in the early hours of August 27th to the Deputy Sheriff? What makes Johnson’s story so authentic that it remains in the public eye to this very day? And what subsequent events have changed the way we look at UFOs as well as the witnesses that decide to come forward? Its story time again folks; so let us go back to 1979 and dissect ‘The Mysterious Minnesota UFO Incident’.

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