Things to Do in Parking Lots When You’re Dead

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On this episode we’re joined by our good friend and Canadian podcaster extraordinaire Mike Browne (Dark Poutine, Supernatural Circumstances) to tell stories of the many and varied terrors found in parking lots. Get ready for phantom flames, disembodied voices who know your deepest fears, and a story of what Paul is certain is some kind of abduction, and that’s just for starters!

Our first-ever soundtrack album, “Ghost Story Guys Season Six” by Rainy Days For Ghosts is now available on Spotify and will be rolling out to music streaming platforms everywhere in the coming weeks!

Story Time Codes:

Scream (8:20)

Leave (18:40)

The Flame (32:25)

The Cougar (49:45)

Near Miss (1:11:35)

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