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HOUR ONE: Most news reporters would relish the opportunity to cover the story of a flying saucer sighting… but one case in 1987 left one radio newsman wishing he’d never heard of the letters U-F-O. (The Wytheville UFOs and Men in Black) *** One was reported as wiry and slightly muscular, and around 6 feet tall. It might have been humanoid in shape – but there is nothing else humanlike about these bizarre entities being encountered in Japan. (Creepy Humanoids in Japan) *** The circumstances surrounding some shocking historical moments remain as diverse as the deceased themselves. From Hollywood starlets and defiant outlaws to made men and political martyrs, some of these disturbing fates were the result of cold-blooded murders, while others came from tragic, unfortunate accidents. Regardless of how they happened, each demise yielded unsettling images that you will not want to look for online.(Don’t Google These Deaths)
The British public believed that actual divine warriors were on their side against the Germans in World War I. We’ll look at the true story behind the angels of Mons. (The Angels of Mons) *** What do you do when you don’t have the manpower to arrest all of the drug dealers in town? Hold a wedding and put them all on the guest list, of course! (The Fake Wedding Drug Bust)
SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: In Victorian England. Some women had the responsibility of taking in young, unwed pregnant women and caring for them until they gave birth. Baby Farmers, as these ladies were called, were in their positions because of their love for children and the desire to see them start life with hope. But Amelia Dyer was so sinister, she was rumored to be responsible for the deaths of 400 children. (The Ogress of Reading)
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