The Witchcast – Episode 19 – Why people are wary of Witches, and the myths behind scary faeries.

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Be blessed, bright soul and welcome to our sonic Witches Circle! In this episode Lucy answers listeners questions including whether there are malevolent faeries and untrustworthy deities, explores the weird ways our sixth senses can work (and how intuition is way different to worry) and she looks into the energy of swans. (One of her favourites!) Lucy shares just WHY she loves books about witchhunts and plagues (is she a tad touched?), makes some magickal reading recommendations and then offers guidance for listeners’ life dilemmas using the Blessed Be deck – bringing a touch of Celtic beauty and wisdom to help ease our challenges.
Rootsy uplifting music is by the talented SJ Tucker
Handfast Blessing and Hymn to Herne from SJ Tucker’s Blessings album, and the sublime track 1157 Til It’s Over. Listen to her music!

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