The Witchcast – Episode 18 – Female Power in Luna Nera, Night Magick with Tim Ozpagan and is Eco-psychology the therapy we all need?

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In this episode Lucy explores the gorgeous Italian TV series set during the witchtrials of the 17th Century – Luna Nera. Learn about the Dark Moon phase, rites of Initiation and the chilling real-life history behind this beautiful, earthy show. Enjoy a deep and insightful interview with Pagan treasure Tim Ozpagan as he discusses his work with Nox: the magick of the Night Circle. And every Pagan knows about Nature and its blessings, right? Lucy reveals the real-life research into eco-psychology that confirms what witchy folks have known for aeons – that Nature is the cure for the mind, body and soul. But there’s a secret to the formula…
Music in the show this week is by the incredible Wendy Rule.

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