The Witchcast – Episode 17 – Warrior Witches, Mermaid Musings and the Clearing and Charging of Crystals

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When the Green Egg hatches, the Witch will Rise! Welcome witchy ones to an episode in which Lucy gets excited about famed Pagan magazine the Green Egg coming back from the dead, melts down over Motherland: Fort Salem, in which the world is reimagined as a matriarchy with a military made of magickal women, and time-travels with the true life Swedish female warrior witch from 1000 years ago who’s rewriting history. There’s the mystery of what happened to Lucy in Merlin’s cave, an exploration of the dangers of being englamoured and a 12-year-old wanting to become a Witch. Mermaid messages come through for listener’s careers and relationships, and yes, there’s a rather big discussion on clearing and charging crystals – and why the difference matters. Drink deep from this bubbling cauldron of an episode!
Gorgeous songs by Damh the Bard and Nordic Daughter.
Music is by Damh the Bard and Nordic Daughter

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