The Witchcast Presented By Lucy Cavendish

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Magick for your ears!
A bewitching podcast for Dreamers, Misfits, Seekers and Believers.
Witch and Author Lucy Cavendish reveals the real-life magick in supernatural shows and movies, reports on witchy news, explores occult history and offers insightful oracle card readings!
The intro music is "We Are One" by the band Nordic Daughter.
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Music throughout the show includes tracks from Darksphere Empire
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The Witchcast – Episode 13 – Return of the Witch

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She’s back on the broomstick! Lucy’s returns with Season Two of the Witchcast. Lucy dives straight into answering your tricksy magickal questions, offers up news and views on Alice in Wonderland, reveals a pop star who’s influenced by Faeries, and discovers the Surf Witches…Featuring insightful oracle readings with the Dragonfae cards, and the powerful music of Nordic Daughter, this return is a delicious blend of enchantment, pop culture, and wonder.

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