The White Screamer of White Bluff TN

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Some speculate that the White Screamer is an exotic animal that escaped when a traveling circus was passing through town. Scared of the repercussions, when they could not quickly restrain the beast they opted to leave it and hurried to the next town. Others say there is no early creature that could cause the damage of the White Screamer and instead suggest that it is an unearthly apparition that wanders aimlessly. Others say it is a banshee that emits the horrible cries.

The White Screamer haunts the White Bluff area, often terrifying hikers and hunters who stumble upon it. Even drivers and walkers have had experiences with the strange creature. They all describe the same type of beast. It is usually hunched over, but can stand completely erect. Often it is found hunting or discovered after the deaths of dogs or calves.