The West London Witch: Don’t Let The Name Fool You

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Rebecca Struzyna, the host of The West London Witch, captivates her audience with an interweaving mix of storytelling, interviews, and original musical scores. Do not let the name fool you; this isn’t your average witchy podcast.

The West London Witch: Don't Let The Name Fool You
The West London Witch

Rebecca covers all kinds of topics on her show, including the butterfly effect, the ghost club, and even a dash of true crime with a paranormal twist. The name of the podcast was created by one of Rebecca’s friends.

In the first episode of the podcast, Rebecca recalls her first paranormal experiences. Her mom and dad decided to move to the U. S. and bought a haunted house. Well, they didn’t really know it was haunted at the time.  As Rebecca describes it, “it was a beautiful turn-of-the-century craftsman-style home, a really exquisite house, but it was full of darkness, the kind that unveiled itself as time went on”.

Rebecca was only around three when her family lived in this home and only really remembers the house because of her parents and their stories. She, however, does remember that her bedroom was very dark, abnormally dark for a home with large floor-to-ceiling windows and that figures would walk across the foot of her bed.  She also remembers the room feeling very oppressive like she was being watched. Needless to say, Rebecca and her family didn’t live there long.

After they moved out. Rebecca’s mom went back to the house to fetch some Christmas presents that were accidentally sent to the wrong house. While there she met the new owner who had since done a major renovation on the home. The new owner invited her in for some coffee and to explore. While conversing, her mother states that the woman looked up at her and said, “you know this house is haunted”? Rebecca’s mother was shocked and really didn’t know how to answer the woman’s question. The new owner explained that it was okay and that the spirits “seemed to like them” and that they planned to coexist with them. This must have worked because according to Rebecca, they still own the home to this day. This experience gave Rebecca’s family the validation that they needed to know that it’s wasn’t just them and they weren’t crazy.

The story continues many years later. When Rebecca, now a teenager, is doing a play at a local theater.  After a show, the cast was in the basement talking and telling stories. Rebecca told the story about the house that she and her parents lived in. After telling the story one of the kids looked up, absolutely horror-stricken, and said the creepiest thing, “I’m the little boy that slept in that room after you”, and he was.  He went on to explain, “I know from what you’re explaining that’s my house”, and while the spirits were more benevolent to his parents he felt watched, oppressed, and said the bedroom felt dark and full. The same experiences that Rebecca had as a child.

So, if you’re looking for an immersive podcast that takes you on a documentary-style journey into the world of the paranormal and the people who experienced it. Why don’t you give West London Witch a try?

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