The Warning

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media.

Maligned by his neighbours for being preachy, Nick’s saviour complex is challenged when faced with a violent intruder.

The Warning was written by Sarah Jane Justice. Sarah Jane Justice is an award-winning spoken word artist, a published prose author and poet, and an accomplished musician and songwriter. With endless motivation and enthusiasm for all areas of her work, she is always working towards her next major project. To see more of Sarah’s work, head over to or connect with her on Facebook at

This episode was narrated by John Stinson from The Spooky Tales podcast where he and his co-host Louise chat about all things spooky. Just search The Spooky Tales podcast where you get your podcasts.

Jimmy Horrors was performed by James Barnett.

Allegra was performed by Rebecca Struzyna, who is the host of her show, The West London Witch.

Insta: @the_west_london_witch

This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett.

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And as always, stay horrific everyone.