The Vigil | Best Ghost Stories

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A family holds a vigil to bless their new home, only to discover that something dark does not want to leave.

Here is a preview of the story.
“All the children, including myself, fell asleep in the farthest room from the living room to avoid being awoken by the constant praying. Five of us were in the room. It was at around 3 am when we all woke up at the same time. I remember opening my eyes to make direct eye contact with my sister by my side. All five of us woke up at the exact same time, and we all felt a crippling fear. It felt as if an evil and dark presence was hovering in the room. The prayer in the living room was loud, and you could hear the elderly woman yelling and speaking in tongues. Suddenly, the voices of those praying slowly but surely began to fade away to the point of complete silence. We were in the dark. It felt as if our room had left the house completely. We all hid under the covers lying in silence for about 5 minutes.”

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