The Various Types of Hauntings: 99 Problems and a Slimer isn’t One | 140

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“Carol Anne! Stop spitting green pea soup, the call is coming from inside the house!” Wait, we might be conflating a few things there, but you get the idea…there are (allegedly) a LOT of potential hauntings out there. How is one to keep them all straight?!? Well, thanks to your friendly, neighborhood Hysteria 51 – you don’t have to…we’ll do the hard work for you (stop us when we start to sound like the Sham Wow guy). This week we explore the various types of ghouls, ghosts, spirits, and demons that are inhabiting your granny’s pantry (we won’t ask). Plus, we force Conspiracy Bot into a hard reboot (in the name of science), we learn C-Bot only catches fat cats (and no that isn’t a metaphor), and Goforth goes off about the movie Noah (we don’t know either). All of that and more on the podcast that hasn’t seen every type of spirit out there, but we’ve tried most of them – Hysteria 51.

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