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“THE UNITED NATIONS’ AGENDA 21 CONSPIRACY” and More Strange But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: She is said to have wings, and two souls. She can form into the shape of an owl at will. She usually haunts churches, towers, and barns. We’ll look at the vampiric demon named Strix. *** Is it possible that you are, without even knowing it, reacting to the energy around you in a way others don’t? Could you be clairsentient? *** Some believe the secretive society known as the Freemasons are so powerful and influential, that they have members in all branches of the government, in almost all countries around the world. Is it possible then that they could make an outspoken critic of the society inexplicably disappear? *** Are you finding it difficult to live under the COVID-19 quarantine? Finding self-isolation torturous? If so, you might want to hear from those who lived through the Middle Ages! *** The murder of Jennifer Pan’s mother and attempted murder of her father was not an explosive act of violence, it was a pre-planned orchestrated ‘hit’ designed for maximum effect. How and why would a 24-year-old do such a horrific thing? *** It’s been called “the most dangerous threat to American sovereignty”; “An anti-human document, which takes aim at Western culture, and the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions,” that will bring “new Dark Ages of pain and misery yet unknown to mankind,” and “abolish golf courses, grazing pastures and paved roads,” in the name of creating a “one-world order.” What is Agenda 21?

(Dark Archives episode from April 13, 2020)
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