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It’s that time again. Our Ultra Mega Halloween special is back, powered by you, our listeners, who sent in stories of your encounters with the fae folk, shadow people, invisible forces who cause bodily harm, and so much more. Last year’s Halloween special was our longest episode up to that point and this year we did it again, so strap in for 108 minutes of paranormal goodness. 

Also: we announce the winners of our Patreon giveaway, which includes 20 digital copies of “Centurion”, the brand new album from The Abyss, and a 20×36″ poster of our new design “Into the Synth We Go”

In our outro we are proud to present “There Are No Answers”, the second single from  Hexxagram‘s upcoming full-length LP “Crystal Lake”

Music on this episode:

Intro:    “Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)” by Podzontommusic

Bumpers: “Chain of Events 5” by John Åhlin

Outro:    “There Are No Answers” by  Hexxagram

All music is used with permission, except for “Chain of Events 5” which is licensed through Epidemic Sound.

SFX are licensed through Epidemic Sound.

“Dracula 3000” is the exclusive property of LionsGate Entertainment

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The Ghost Story Guys are: 

Brennan Storr – Host, Writer, Producer 

Ian Gibbs – Co-Host

Luke Greensmith – Researcher 

Rachel GW – Social Media Manager 

Anthony Germaine – Researcher

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