The UFO People: A Curious Culture w/ MJ Banias | 138

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We are haunted by UFOs. They drift in and out of our culture in movies and on television, on billboards and in books. They are everywhere. However, for one small community, they are much more than the fodder of science fiction storytelling – they alter the entire fabric of reality. Enter The UFO People. Part narrative journey and part cultural study, The UFO People is a challenge to the UFO subculture and the broader public to recognize that UFOs, and the people who study them, challenge societal norms, institutions, and the many ideologies we assume to be true. This week we interview the author of The UFO People – MJ Banias. Plus, Conspiracy Bot finds a mentor in Napoleon, takes a trip to Fermilab, and makes John disappear (busy week). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never written a book about UFOs, but we’ve certainly had the book thrown at us – Hysteria 51.

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THE UFO People: A Curious Culture| MJ Banias

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