Keep It Weird

Hosted ByAshley Casseday and Lauren Ogle

(Explicit) Keep it Weird is the podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, creepy, sticky, gross, scary, and everything in between. We're in season 5 of our show and we focus on in-depth research and finding the weird in everyday life So it's not all ghosts and goblins-- we've also done weird sports, the history of the circus, artificial intelligence, body modification, fashion, coincidences, and even sex. We have guests on the show to bring their own experiences with the paranormal or expertise in that week's subject.

The Truth is Out There

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Greetings Weirdo Earthlings.

The good guys dress in black remember that just in case we come face to face and make contact.

Welcome to PART TWO of Close Encounters of the Joe Kind where we revisit Episode 2 and get real into that ALIEN LIFE.  Crop circles, the Goldilocks Zone, Proxima Centauri, ice planets, SPACE SEA MONSTERS, government coverups, sexy sonic the hedge hog, the Men in Black, unnecessary ghost backstories, and so much more!


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