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Did you know that Laura Palmer’s death on TV’s “Twin Peaks” was inspired by a real-life murder case? (The Real-Life Murder Case That Inspired “Twin Peaks”) *** Most people laugh at, or outright dismiss, the possibility that numerous hair-covered humanoids could exist in the U.K., and without ever getting caught or killed. But, some cases and tales do seem to stand the test of time. Although, many of the creatures that appear in such tales – which date back centuries – may not be what people assume them to be. (Wild Beast Or Wild Man?) *** A mother receives a call from her son – who had been killed by a drunk driver. (Call From The Other Side) *** On a brisk morning, with wind wafting off the Mississippi river across from St. Louis, Missouri, the men faced each other with pistols, at barely more than arm’s length. They’d come to shoot at one another because of an ‘offense against honor’. The place, or ‘field of honor’, was Bloody Island. (What Happened to Bloody Island?) *** A police officer and his daughter see a large creature jump completely over the two lane road they are driving down – a creature that ran on only two legs. (Leaping Bigfoot) *** Sleep paralysis is one of the most terrifying experiences one can have – and one person’s story takes the creeps to a new level. (Confronted by Insectoids) *** One monster that seems to be pervasive in the human psyche across numerous cultures is what we would call the werewolf (although each part of the world has their own name for it). And while most consider it simply a legendary cryptid, there have always been those who believe that these are not merely the product of our imagination, but very real monsters that lurk out beyond our understanding. And they take it very seriously in Haiti. (The Mysterious Werewolves of Haiti)

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Originally aired: November 25, 2022

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