The Transition to Charging for Spiritual Services

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I haven’t covered this topic on the podcast before now, but my program The Calling is all about how to make the leap into charging for spiritual services as an entrepreneur. I had to teach myself because no one was really talking about it! My first mentor told me that I should not be considering my work as a medium to be a business, which really made the transition to paid readings a difficult one for me. A lot of shame came up around money and spirituality that I’ve had to walk through. 

I want to share my journey with you and also some signs that you might be ready to start charging for your spiritual services or raise your prices. I know these signs well because in addition to my own experience, many of my clients come to me when they are ready to take the leap! Almost immediately after going full-time in my practice, people were hiring me to help with creating structures for their businesses so that they could focus on the work they love. 

Some topics I cover in this episode:

  • Wanting to understand my gift deeply before considering practice readings for the public
  • I set a goal for myself of 150 free readings before I would begin charging
  • My first paid readings were at an event held by a friend for $20 per person, then referrals
  • Increasing prices as expenses for my online business increased 
  • Paying for my development with the money from my readings 
  • Figuring out pricing to replace my corporate salary
  • The connection between pricing and how I felt about myself
  • Some healing is intergenerational in the spiritual space
  • The first story we carry is the belief that we shouldn’t charge for our gifts
  • The second story is, “How can I charge $X for a specified amount of time?”
  • The third story is worrying that people won’t be able to afford your price
  • The final story is, “I am not good enough yet”
  • As I develop and invest my time, the price needs to reflect that
  • There is a lot of healing that comes up as a human on this path
  • This is a lifetime path, so there is no rush to get to the next destination 

Teaching about entrepreneurship is a passion of mine and I can’t wait for the next round of The Calling, a 3 month experience, which starts on May 18!



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