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“You just never know what you’ll see when you go swimming in Siberia.” It’s one of our favorite quotes (and one we just made up), but it’s true and this week’s topic proves it! In 1982 a team of Russian Navy divers go exploring in Lake Baikal when, to their amazement, they encounter giant, humanoid beings obviously not of this world. So, they did the only reasonable thing…tried to capture them with nets! Let’s just say the rest of the story doesn’t work out as well for the divers…it’s the Swimmers of Lake Baikal this week on the show. Plus, the fellas discuss Dolph Lundgren’s MENSA membership (and his dashing good looks), Conspiracy Bot finally starts to accept his loss in the election (things get broken), and Brent starts talking hip like the kids do (well, he tries). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never gone swimming in Siberia, when we’re there, we keep it to training for heavyweight bouts against Dolph Lundgren – Hysteria 51.

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Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV

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