Shit That Scares Us

Hosted ByVic and Britt

(Explicit) Sh*t that scares us’ the original podcast is part comedy, part supernatural, and part true-crime show. Hosted by self-declared scaredy-cats Britt Clark and Vic Wood, each episode delves into something truly freaky. Whether it be Ghost stories, paranormal sightings, serial killers, or even the dreaded tax season— Britt & Vic bring you along with them as they look further into the things that keep them, and most of — us up at night.

The Strange and The Bovine

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In this episode of ‘Shit That Scares Us’ Vic and Britt talk extraterrestrials. From abductions that occur in isolated places to cows and crop circles. Follow them down the rabbit hole, or alternatively — up the laser beam.

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