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A biweekly discussion about why conspiracy theories and alternative beliefs capture our imagination and gain popularity.

The Story Keepers (w/ guest NK Kranda)

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Episode 33

“Honor yourself because you survived.” – NK Kranda

These words encapsulate a unique and welcomed approach for those that have experienced the unexplained and inexplicable. And, it exemplifies the empathetic and generous nature of our guest today. On this episode of Conspiracy Theoryology, The Story Keepers. Joined by experience preservationist NK Kranda, as well as Travis, a personal experiencer with his own story to share, we explore the growing field of Experiencer Research, and discuss the power of stories, the impact of sharing personal experience, and the unique approach to engaging with individuals that have amazing and often hard to believe stories. Ultimately, this discussion should remind us all that there are very real and ordinary people behind these extraordinary experiences.

Language warning for those that are used to the regular shows.

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