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About Maeltopia

Maeltopia is a horror/dark fantasy podcast with various series and stories that all take place in

the same world. As a result, various storylines intersect and effect one another, leading to the

feeling of a robust and dynamic world. Maeltopia encompasses various interconnected series

such as “The Shepherd of Wolves,” “The Damnation Machine,” “Red Mother,” “Grimland,” and

“The Sleep Wake Cycle.”

About episode 1 of “The Shepherd of Wolves:”

The Family Man, a serial killer known to use the bones of his deceased family as killing

instruments, finds himself the subject of a strange and ominous force's attention. Drawn to the

hollow insides of an abandoned cottage, the notorious murderer finds something both

inexplicable and darkly intriguing.

Content warnings: death, murder, adult themes.

Written and directed by Mark A. Anzalone

Edited by Walker Kornfeld

Produced by Steven J. Anzalone

Voiced by Mark Anzalone

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