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Bill Ramsey was born in 1943 in Essex, England. After 9 years of a relatively normal childhood, he was overcome, one afternoon with an icey chill. The stress of the chill caused him to sweat and in his words, the sweat froze to him as if went in went into a meat locker wet. He was then overcome with a powerful nausea and he was compelled to run on all fours. He had transformed into something…feral, primal and powerful. Feelings of extreme rage and hatred filled his mind and when his parents tried to come him down, he tore up fence posts like they were blades of grass and gnawed the steel wire of the garden fence with his teeth. Eventually, the beast-like rage left him and he returned to the innocent child he was before, Bill Ramsey. But for how long? In this case file, join The Theorists as they try to explain why Bill Ramsey won’t pay his bar tab in , The South End Werewolf

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