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Batter Up! Hear that Call!  The time has come! For one and all!  To play ball!

Gosh A League of their Own is just… It’s just the best movie.  Hi Weirdos, welcome to another HERSTORY lesson!  This is week two of women throughout history that you should know!  But probably don’t… womp womp.

This week our main focus is Betty Pack the WWII MI6 spy who foiled the Nazis, ensured that the Allied forces made safe passage into Hitler’s territories, and even helped crack the enigma machine and she did it all with her BODY!  That’s right, Pack was a SNACK and she did what we see men do in film and television all the time– but are we taught about her in history class?  No.  Because what she didn’t isn’t “lady-like.”  But she is a queen, she’s my hero, and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

We’re also going to sing our praises for Princess Diana, Sybil Ludington, Barbara Lee, Josephine Butler, Mary Edwards Walker, and NATURALLY Geena Davis and the entire cast and crew of A League of Their Own.

This episode is FULL of women we adore… and one woman we just hate.  Stay tuned to the very end to find out who that is.


Warning: This episode contains foul language, descriptions of sexual acts, and brief mentions of HIV/AIDS, abusive relationships, and Nazis