The Sleeping Church, Rise of Antichrist & The Harmonic Egg

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In the first half, Richard speaks with two writer/researchers who argue western Christianity has become a ‘corrupt cult’ which has turned a blind eye to malevolent and polarizing forces at work in society today.

Guest: Donna Howell is the current managing editor and writer/ researcher for Defender Publishing and former CEO of Anomalos Publishing. Donna is the best-selling author of Handmaidens Conspiracy, Radicals, Final Fire, and Redeemed Unreedemable. She has also recently co-authored Encounters (with Allie Anderson-Henson,) and Afterlife (with Allie Anderson-Henson and Josh Peck.)

Guest: Allie Henson is a credentialed private investigator that oversees the research arm of SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing. Her exploratory works have appeared in numerous books, documentaries, magazines, and television specials. Recent contributions include her best-sellers Timebomb, and Unscrambling the Millennial Paradox. Her latest title with co-author Donna Howell, Encounters, uncovered the truth about God’s holy messengers and firmly addresses the theological errors popular in our Church today.

BOOK: Dark Covenant: How the Masses Are Being Groomed to Embrace the Unthinkable While the Leaders of Organized Religion Make a Deal with the Devil.


In hour two, Richard welcomes an inventor and entrepreneur, who discusses her Harmonic Egg which utilizes sound and light to activate healing.

?Guest: Gail Lynn is an inventor, author, intuitive, spiritual teacher and business leader. In her work, Gail shares insights and speaks about the modality of sound and light, healing old traumas, and taking back your life as a means to healing the mind, body, and soul. She also shares how universal laws, law of attraction, and law of cause and effect as the means by which illness entered her body—and then how she healed these conditions through ancient healing practices.

?BOOK: Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing
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