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This week's cocktail may be a tongue twister but it went down so easy…too easy you might say!

Which was good because we were finally reunited in person!! If that means our audio is a little off it is because we were back in Caoimhe's kitchen! This week we headed back to the water and dove into the world of sea & lake monsters in Ireland.  From the Irish version of the kelpie to giant demonic eels, what lurks beneath the dark waters made us think twice about for going for a dip…the joys of living on an island – you're surrounded by them

But what we also discovered is that the Irish come across sea serpents no matter where they go! And as we are well and truly haunted when it comes to such marine exploration we washed it all down with a whiskey heavy cocktail crafted by our very own Alex, his recipe can be found on our Instagram @irishspiritspodcast 

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