The Shanakiel Swing

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Our mid-season break is over!! After a little R&R we came back with one of our creepiest episodes yet, all about Our Lady's Hospital/St Kevin's/ Cork Lunatic Asylum in Shanakiel, Cork.

Why so creepy? We had for the first time, in person anecdotes – special guest: Matt from the Cork Supernatural Society. Matt very kindly joined us to regale us with past investigations at the site and the interview can be heard in the Anecdotes section of the show! Follow their journeys in Cork and indeed across the country via their Facebook page & Instagram @corksupernaturalsociety

We chatted everything from Foucault's 'Madness & Civilisation' to the infamous 'swing' prescribed to cure mental illness courtesy of a one William Saunders Hallaran – the inspiration behind this episode's title & cocktail crafted by our very own Alex (his recipe can be found on our Instagram @irishspiritspodcast)

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This Irish version of a Singapore Sling (Laura's absolute favourite) was strong…but we needed it, as we delved into the horror from this era of confinement – some which continued right up until the 21st century… 

To shed light on our own research the sources we used were: Lunatic Asylum Records – Kindred Lines – Fiona Fitzsimons
The Ghosts of Institutionalization at Pennhurst’s Haunted Asylum – Emily Smith Beitiks
Why Are Asylums Scary? – Troy Rondinone P.H.D. (Psychology Today), Scary asylums are a Halloween classic, but it’s time to retire the trope – Troy Rondinone (The Washington Post), Cork Supernatural Society,,,,, Wikipedia,,,, ,,,,,,,,,  & (Caoimhghin S Bhreatnach) 

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