The Secrets of the Apollo 20 Mission to the Moon

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys discuss truly an ancient ‘Lost City’ or sensational reporting? Scholars claim Honduran discovery was overhyped, a Roman horse skeleton found under hotel site, how a (Contraband) corned beef sandwich ended up in space 50 years ago, a team of Biohackers has figured out how to inject your eyeballs with night vision, Russians and NASA discuss building a new Space Station and a hunter forced to leave camp during Bigfoot Encounter. Then after the break Cam talks about the alleged secret Apollo missions. Are they real or just a fancy story? Thanks to everyone who makes this show possible. Don’t forget if you like Expanded Perspectives to write us a review on iTunes. Also, don’t forget if you want more Expanded Perspectives, sign up to Expanded Perspectives Elite by going to the website. Take Care and have a good week!

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