The Second Tale of Sodapop: Part 2

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The second half (and conclusion) of the Second Tale of Sodapop! If you haven’t heard part one, you should go back one episode. If you are unfamiliar with season one of this show, or you haven’t listened to the first Tale of Sodapop, I suggest that you go back further. Full episode currently available on Patreon.

The transcript for this episode is available on

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  • Harm to wild animals
  • Loss, abandonment
  • Mental illness
  • Canine emotions


  • Swamp Fever – Walt Adams
  • Piercing Silence – Ethan Sloan
  • Face of the Earth – Jakob Ahlbom
  • Into the Void – Ethan Sloan
  • Birdsong – They Dream By Day
  • Dear Moon – Velvet Moon