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Happy Halloween – enjoy a Second Tale of Sodapop! This story tells the events of episodes 6-10 of Believer: A Paranomal Mystery through the eyes of Sodapop, world’s greatest dog. If you are unfamiliar with season one of this show, or you haven’t listened to the first Tale of Sodapop, I suggest that you go back. Full episode currently available on Patreon.

The transcript for this episode is available on BelieverPodcast.com.

Stick around for a promo for Hi Nay, a supernatural horror podcast about Filipina immigrant Mari Datuin, whose babaylan (shaman) family background accidentally gets her involved in stopping dangerous supernatural events in Toronto. Find them on Twitter, Tumblr, or wherever you go this podcast.


  • Harm to wild animals
  • Loss, abandonment
  • Mental illness
  • Canine emotions


  • A Thousand Parts of My Heart – Christian Andersen
  • Traveling in Binaural – Joseph Beg
  • Passed Danger – Farrell Wooten
  • Swamp Fever – Walt Adams