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In the second annual edition of The Chilling Tales of Yuletide, we have a full-length adaptation of the 19th century short story, The Screaming Skull.

After the death of his friends, Dr and Mrs Pratt, Captain Braddock takes up residence in their former home. Yet he soon becomes convinced that the skull he found in the upstairs bedroom screams every night, haunting him, and that it was the cause of Dr Pratt’s death. When investigators Miller and Shaughnessy (a believer and skeptic respectively) arrive to learn more about the situation on the night before Christmas Eve, Captain Braddock explains the haunting, as well as his theory that the skull belonged to Mrs Pratt and that her husband killed her. A half-tormented man himself, Captain Braddock is erratic in his explanations and retellings, and even Shaughnessy’s skepticism is slowly put to the test as the haunting of the skull begins to drag them into the tale of murder and betrayal and guilty consciences.

Based on the story by Frances Marion Crawford and adapted by Lana O’Kell.

Sound Editor: Tori Taylor

Captain Charles Braddock: Pete Lutz

Miller: Joshua Chadwick

Shaughnessy: Lana O’Kell

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