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The Rosalyn Apartments – Winnipeg’s Own Winchester House

On this week’s short, yet sassy Episode 33, Jas and Sher, Our Audio Curators are still in the PodLounge and trying to do a deep dive on one of the oldest standing apartment complexes in Winnipeg – Rosalyn Rd/Court Apartments situated on Osborne St. The trouble is for as many ghost stories known to have happened hear to actually find them are very few and far between now a days.

Oh, if these walls could talk, imagine the stories the building could tell! Aside from the brilliant architecture there is something else that refuses to fade away as a black shadowy figure has been known to torment its residents. Not everything dies, some linger on.
If you are someone you know has lived here and has a story or two to share, Jas and Sher want to hear about it!!!

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