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Seriah hosts a round table of Wren Collier, Octavian Graves, and Super Infra Man. The discussion covers many aspects of magick. Topics include a strange experience alone in the woods, the feeling of being unwelcome in a place, grimoire hijinks, the summoning of spirits, psychic impressions, an intense encounter during a ritual, different approaches to ceremonial magick, a painful experience caused by skipping a protective practice, astrological hours, Poke Runyon’s “Secrets of Solomon”, ceremonial magick rituals on youtube, drawing spirits into crystals, Sam Block, Daniel Ogden and Greek necromancy, the Biblical King Solomon vs conflated magicians from ancient times, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Magic” by Dr. Stephen Skinner, attribution of grimoires to famous authors, recovering past magical systems vs creating new ones, “Order of Rod and Ring” by Samuel David, Solomonic magick in ancient Mesopotamia, Taoist sorcery, theories of how magick ritual was introduced to humanity, the Book of Enoch, Laird Scranton, Animism, ayahuasca and plant spirits, Gobekli Tepe, intoxication to achieve an altered state of consciousness, alcohol in ritual, necromancy by irritating a spirit, ghost hunters, restless spirits, Raymond Moody, contacting shades for information, Jason Miller, giving blood to spirits, the dangers of offerings, dealing with angels vs dealing with demons, exorcisms, purposes of being a magician in a community, money rituals, communications from angels, dream experiences, the Estes method, Ouija boards and ritual magick, nature spirits, a bizarre dream communication, Robin Artisson, profane scrying, dream incubation, mundane and meaningful dreams, some bizarre significant dreams, the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), a horrifying dream sent by an entity, spirits attaching to people and tormenting them, synchronicities in response to a rite, intuitive walking and a sign from an entity, Ufonauts, Allen Greenfield, sigils, coercing demons, spirits and smell, asceticism in Solomonic magick, different means of reaching a trance state, people having experiences and then denying them, a weird shared OBE, people interpreting encounters through the lens they need, grey aliens as demons, an experience with the image of a European “Jesus”, and much more!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Left Hand Path from RADII