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Welcome to the MATRIX Has You: The Road Not Taken. Today Jack and his friends take you on a journey through the realm of the unbelievable and unexplained. Are we living in a simulation, can we jump from one reality to another? That is for you to decide.


Guest Narrators

James: The Nights End Podcast https://www.nightsendpodcast.com/

Marianne: Walking The Shadowlands https://walkingtheshadowlands.com/

Eric: Prairieland Paranormal https://www.prairielandparanormalpodcast.com/

Mike: Stories of Strangeness https://storiesofstrangeness.com/

Podcasts to Listen to

The ParaUnity Podcast https://paraunitypodcast.wixsite.com/website

I Have A Strange Story https://www.strangestorypodcast.org/

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