The Proof is in the Pudding Bones

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Mmmmm Pudding Bones…

It’s time to EVOLVE, weirdos!  This is part ONE of our series on evolution and naturally we had to invite Mr. Anthropology minor himself HANDSOME JOE on the show to come teach us about some of the things he learned when he was hard at work NOT earning a degree in anthropology.

This week Joe starts us off discussing a major SOCIAL evolution that made us the human beings we are today.  The AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION!  I know it sounds boring… and maybe it is… but not when Joe is teaching it.  How did we go from primitive humans to the Tesla driving, avocado toast munching, kama sutra reading beings we are today?

Ashley takes over to tell us her absolute FAVORITE theory of evolution- the grooviest theory we’ve got– known as the Stoned Ape theory.  Scientists are still searching for the answers to what on Earth (or beyond) enabled our species to enhance our intelligence and consciousness further than any other species on the planet?  Could it be… DRUGS?!

And Lauren finishes the episode by teaching us some other totally plausible and not at all baseless theories on evolution that unfortunately come from our religious friends known as creationists.  Stay tuned for this section if you REALLY want to hear Joe lose his cool, just make sure you turn the volume down juuuuuuuust a skosh.