The Power of Healing Energy

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Growing up as a child of 1970’s and 1980’s, Vincent Treewell spent many years in front of the glowing lights of the television absorbing episodes of “In Search Of” and “Unsolved Mysteries”. He would spend hours searching the local library for books on the subject, “in search of” answers to the paranormal for himself. Answers to everything from ghosts to past lives to astral projection. Today we take a deep dive into Vincent’s studies and experience in the paranormal.

 In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

    • Can humans live two completely different lives at the same time without even knowing it?
    • What elements of a former life can Vincent Treewell?
    • Do past lives have a relation to our current lives?
    • Does Vincent believe that we can be reincarnated on locations other than earth?
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