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On this episode we talk about the catalyst for disarming the Australian population and an event that was so destructive to society at the time; it is used as the yard stick to measure the severity of all mass shootings until just very recently; this time we are talking about Martin Bryant and The Port Arthur Massacre.

Port Arthur was a mass shooting perpetrated by one Martin Bryant in April 1996 where 25 people were wounded and 35 people killed at the hands of Bryant and a variety of firearms and other methods. Bryant was a local oddball and a very wealthy man but was of ‘diminished capacity’ according to locals.

A chequered upbringing and early life, mixed with some convenient accidents and suspicious deaths of wealthy close friends of Bryant’s; paints a picture of a ruthless man who would kill to get what he wanted. But the truth is far from this simple and clean cut.

Accusations abound of US and Israeli military personnel carrying out the shooting and the whole operation being a false flag in order to trigger the national disdain for guns and their supported abolition in Australia from the mid 90s onward. Some other very interesting twists and turns in this case make these accusations and conspiracy rumours actually seem plausible.


Joining me on this episode is comedian Damian Clark and you can find all his stuff on his website here https://www.damianclark.com or follow him on Instagram for the craic https://www.instagram.com/damianclark/ where he shares his cartoons and stand up clips and its all really very good!

He also is one half of the comedy saviour during the lockdown times, Garden Gigs Ireland and to find out more about that plan, check out this link to find out more https://gardengigsireland.com


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